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 Learn how to create sustainable fashions for your wardrobe


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Denim Tote

Denim seems to never go out of style, but this season it is stronger than ever with great possibilities for reuse in your wardrobe. 

In this basic to intermediate class, you will select a denim bag from my Pinterest board and adapt it to your needs. All you need to bring is 1-3 pair of jeans, corduroys, or khakis. I'll supply the rest.

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Established Denim Jacket

Grab that denim jacket in your closet that you're not wearing. You may love something about it, but can't bring yourself to donate it. Bring it to class instead. We will discuss the silhouette and style. We will restyle and embellish so you will be proud to wear.

patchwork jeans.png

Patchwork Pants

Oh the 70's is back in a big way, just watch any current runway show from the most elite fashion houses. You will need to bring a pair of denim jeans, corduroys, khakis or velvet pants. I will guide you through sewing on some sassy patches. Be prepared to rip out some stitches on your current pair of pants, it will be so worth it!


Classes are offered for adults and children. I offer classes in the winter. However, if you can coordinate getting a group together, I will offer them based on everyone's schedules. Classes are nonrefundable. Places are held and cannot easily be re-filled. 

Beginner classes  5 week session, 2 hours/week $100* | Private lessons  $50/hour | Semi private  2-3 people, $25/hour | *Must be 5 students to conduct class


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