Meet Emily

I capture historical memories and give them a modern twist through my sustainable fashions and pop art designs.


Fundraising Partnerships

There are many nonprofit missions I am passionate about, Gilda’s Club is one of them. The Gilda’s scarf has been designed as a ‘give back’. 

If you’d like to have me design something for your charity, please contact me.


About Emily


I was a carefree 60’s child, an 80’s dance queen and now create art everyday. I am a self taught artist and learned to sew from my mom at the age of 12. My father was constantly photographing every family outing. (He would’ve loved social media, at least the sharing of images.) I come by these two passions honestly. And maybe, his painting career is finally showing up in my new love of painting abstracts.

My career has always been about fashion, art and design. Initially, I followed my dream of living in the big city and left the midwest behind to work for several fabric houses in New York City in the 80’s. I started a part time contract sewing business in the 90’s when my son was first born. By early 2000, I was working as an Assistant Curator of Textiles and Art Educator for the Allentown Art Museum. This is also when I decided I would start doing art shows in my spare time. And the rest is history…

Behind the art


I love combining modern technology with old methods too. So you will notice digitally printed clothing mixed with upcycled clothing. I take it one step further by using vintage sewing machines to construct the upcycled pieces. 

The digital clothing is created by printing exclusively only on the pattern pieces needed to construct the garment with a reduced amount of waste and by using environmentally friendly dyes and organic cottons when possible. I produce the initial prototype and take pre-sale orders from that one piece, eliminating unnecessary inventory, overhead and eventual markdowns. My customers like knowing that they are wearing a one-of-a-kind or limited edition piece of wearable art.

Textiles are the second biggest pollutant in the world and it is irresponsible at this point in the fashion industry to not address that and do our part.


Speaking Opportunities

Many organizations look for speakers to come to their organization. (Nonprofits: art league, guilds, and other cultural institutions.) Please feel free to contact me for your next meeting. Speaking engagements are a minimal cost, if accompanied by a Pop-Up trunk show.

Topics may include:

Creating a Makerspace—It's Easier Than You Think  |  Sustainable Fashions  |  Pearl S. Buck Collection—The Goddess of Compassion  | Researching the Very First Original Botanical Art  |  Historic Landmarks as Your Muse